Telstra To Close 3G Network from June 2024

Telstra have officially announced the termination of 3G network from June 2024. If you have equipment that is using this network, you may be concerned about continuity of service, or perhaps you are just confused and not sure what this means.

ETM has been in the business of “connecting things” using cellular networks for over 25 years, both here and in Europe.

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Future-proofing with 4G/LTE

Telstra’s 3G network currently supports 850 MHz (Band 5) and most cellular devices will automatically connect to this frequency. Telstra has confirmed that this part of the spectrum will continue operating until at least 2020. However, it’s obvious more disruption is coming as all 3G frequencies will eventually be phased out and re-farmed for 4G/LTE and 5G services.

We can help you with migration planning and product selection to ensure that your services stay connected now and into the future. It’s also an ideal time to start thinking about potential new or existing applications that would benefit from the latest hardware and network technologies available.

New opportunities with LPWAN (CATM1 & NB-IoT) solutions

Telstra’s 4G/LTE network now supports new LPWAN (Low Power WAN) options such as CAT-M1 and NB-IoT. These technologies open up opportunities to get more from your SCADA, Telemetry, Industrial-IoT, and M2M applications that were previously not possible with 3G, due to the cost and/or technical limitations.

Talk to one of our engineers (02 9956 7377) about how we may be able to help you understand these new technologies and how you may be able to implement them in your application.

Here’s to a new era in cellular connectivity and communications.

We thank you for your business.

The ETM Pacific Team
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