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The advent of IoT (Internet of Things) is driving the data we ingest data every day, requiring it to be delivered and displayed in a more convenient and intelligent manner.

This includes the data gathered from the very communications networks used to support the IoT revolution. Historically, businesses interested in cellular network performance have had to invest heavily in laboratory-level equipment at a significant cost or rely on their smart mobile phone apps which gives them a cluttered and confusing amount of information, much of which is irrelevant and cannot be stored for reporting.

ETM Pacific has solved much of this with the introduction of the ETM770-x series of Cellular Network Evaluation Tools. A small, hand-held, battery operated device which can show the key performance indicators present on a 2G/3G/4G LTE network or Cat-M1/NB1 network.

The ETM770-x is used widely by installation professionals (Smart Meters) and end users who need to know a stable and reliable network is available at a given site prior to the installation investment. Similarly, an on-site decision to determine which antenna or its placement to provide the best service can be made in minutes.

How to determine Good Signal Strength

The most common performance indicators across a network are RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power) & RSRQ representing power and quality of a service.

A modem determines which tower to connect on basis of value called RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power). This is the measured power of the LTE reference signals spread across the broadband and narrowband portions of the spectrum. RSRP values, presented in dBm, are always negative, and the higher the number, i.e., the closer to zero it is, the higher the power of the signal.

The LTE specification defines a second value, RSRQ (Reference Signal Received Quality), as the ratio of the carrier power to the interference power: this is a signal-noise ratio measured using a standard signal. A connection with a high RSRQ should be good, even if the RSRP is low: the modem is able to extract the information in the weak signal because of minimal noise.

With RSRP values for all the nearby towers, the modem chooses the tower with the best RSRP. If two towers’ RSRP values are too close to call, the modem uses RSRQ as the basis for its choice.

Cellular Signal Analyser tool

The ETM 770 is a user-friendly, handheld tool for measuring, logging, and displaying all key 4G LTE, 3G and 2G cellular signal strength and signal quality parameters. Functionality and useability have been enhanced with support for the latest LPWAN (Low Power WAN) IoT services available on 4G/LTE networks; LTE-M/CATM1 and NB-IoT/NB1 & NB2 with support for over 20 frequency bands ensuring device will work on all private or public network globally and in ANZ using any APN.

The ETM770 is used widely by installation professionals deploying cellular enabled IoT devices such as smart meters, routers, or modems and can also be used to rapidly determine optimal antenna type, size, location or alignment.

Technicians can see an accurate and instant display of key signal quality parameters; RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, SINR in addition to GPS location data. Displayed data is stored locally and can be simultaneously uploaded in near real-time to ETM hosted cloud dashboard, CellNET, for later retrieval and archiving.

A SIM from the desired cellular network operator is inserted providing actual end to end connectivity information including Ping Test data. The unit is recharged from standard USB chargers supplied in the kit which includes a wide range of accessories and a tough silicon protective cover.

ETM_770_cellular _signal_Analyser

Use cases of ETM 770 Cellular Signal Analyser

ETM770-x will help you determine:

  • Multiple APNs and the ability to roam across networks. ETM can supply a SIM to support carrier roaming.
  • Displays RSRP, RSRQ, RSCP, Carrier to Noise, RSSI, Local IP Address, Cell ID, LAC (Local Area Code), Country and Mobile Network Code, Channel, Band, and the number of neighbouring cells.
  • Evaluate and improve the performance of your existing installed equipment.
  • Best choice of network operator for a site (rank in order of signal strength and availability.
  • Best network performance for a site.

Advantages of ETM 770 Cellular Signal Strength Analyser

The ETM 770-x is simple to use and will provide invaluable benefits:

  • Improve reliability and performance of existing equipment in the field.
  • Reduce downtime by selecting the most available network in the area, ensuring good signal coverage.
  • Increase network download speed and network response times.
  • Improve battery life and system up-time by reducing power output.
  • Cost savings and improvements in efficiency, by reducing costly engineer callouts.
  • Improvements in overall system performance increase revenues and reduce system downtime, which provides better service to end customers and a more reliable service offering.
  • Surveys global 4G, 3G, CAT M1, NB1/2 networks
  • Results analysis can be performed on your PC.
  • Insightful reports enable quick decisions on antenna selection and placement.
  • Complete with robust carrycase & accessories



Whilst capturing the data on-site is valuable, ETM Pacific has gone one step further by delivering the captured data to a cloud-based display portal,

All the data that is available on the ETM770-x is visible and stored within the Cell NET platform for viewing or analysis later. This feature provides you with a direct comparison to previous measurements or a comparison across multiple carriers. As the BG96 has GNSS/GPS built in, Cell Net will also provide a graphic showing the actual location of the ETM770-x or if you prefer the location of the cellular tower to which it is connected. All data can be exported in a CSV file format. provides:

  • Manage your fleet of devices easily.
  • Store data for later retrieval and analysis.
  • Include accurate GPS location information.
  • Shows nearest tower location.
  • Displays connected tower details.
  • Compare bands, carriers, antennas, tower.

If you are interested in the ETM 770, please contact ETM Pacific and see how they will improve your installations of modems, routers, signal boosters and antenna systems.

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