IoT Data SIM Plans

Connect your device to the largest mobile network in Australia with ETM Pacific.

Data plans for IoT Devices ranging from 5 MB to 100GB tailored to suit your needs. Whatever your application, we will make sure you get it connected to The Internet of Thing.

ETM Pacific recognize that selecting, purchasing, and implementing Data SIM plans can be a real challenge – we can eliminate this step in your deployment and simplify your IoT implementation. ETM’s range of flexible cost-effective data plans are suitable for both local installations and global roaming for overseas deployments.

Our pre-activated data SIM cards allow for turnkey sensor to cloud solution to be delivered from ETM ready for deployment in your application. Just switch on and start receiving immediate SMS alerts and see the data from your ETM alarming, logging, sensing unit to your own server or our IoTConx.

How much data do you need?

ETM Pacific Logger Data Plans

ETM Pacific’s supplies IoT SIMs for use in our Logger and Router Products and commonly range from 5MB to 150MB and include access to Cat-M1 and NB1 services.


  • Logging data from Pump/Tank Monitoring
  • Cool Room/Environmental Monitoring
  • Weather/Rainfall Monitoring

ETM Pacific Router Data Plans

ETM Pacific’s supplies Mobile Broadband SIMs for use in our Router Products and range from 1GB to 50GB. ETM Pacific can supply 50+GB for high-capacity solutions like CCTV.


  • HVAC Monitoring
  • Roadside Messaging
  • Video surveillance systems for assets or buildings

ETM Pacific SMS/ Alarm Plans

ETM Pacific’s supplies SMS SIMs for use with our SMS Alarm Products with 1GB of Data and Unlimited SMS.


  • Fire Panel Alarming
  • Pump/Tank Alarming
  • Cool Room/Environmental Alarming

ETM Pacific Roaming Data Plans

ETM Pacific’s supplies Global Roaming SIMs for use in our Network Evaluation Tool, ETM770 (excludes ETM770-IoT) to connect and measure cellular network parameters from almost any Telecommunications Carrier world-wide.


  • Smart Meter Installation,
  • Technology Design Confirmation,
  • Cellular Network Carrier/Coverage Verification,
  • Antenna type and orientation installation.