Mobile Signal Boosters in Industrial Environment

mobile signal booster

Why do you need Mobile Signal Booster ?

When it comes to overall safety management, monitoring inventory, and communicating with sales agents and engineers, manufacturing plants, product processing facilities and warehouses are all reliant on network connections and digital technology to power their operations.

However, concrete walls and expansive square footage are capable of impeding cell signals from reaching inside buildings, resulting in a lack of connectivity which can quickly and adversely affect all operations.

As a manufacturing company owner/ CEO/ manager, you must be too familiar with poor indoor cellular coverage. A strong cellular signal ensures that your systems work as needed throughout your entire plant, fulfilling incoming orders, keeping staff connected while monitoring safety procedures, and staying on top of daily operations. ETM Pacific cellular signal boosters from Cel-Fi are carriers approved for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data services.

Cel-Fi industrial and commercial cell signal boosters provide flexible and reliable solutions for factories, manufacturing plants and large central warehouses that have poor cell and data reception. These high-performance cell signal boosters can take an existing outside signal, amplify it, and broadcast it within the building for a strong cellular connection to all cell devices with service from all cell service carriers in Australia.

How does Mobile Signal Booster Works? 



The main function of the cellular mobile signal booster is to amplify the signals to and from a cellular tower, improving mobile phone and mobile data performance. Signal Boosters solve the challenge by retransmitting a cellular signal from a donor tower into a targeted area resulting in fewer dropped calls and reliable data transfers. In automotive applications, a signal booster can ensure a reliable cellular experience whilst on the move or camped up in the harshest of areas.

Cel-Fi signal boosters are designed to operate with Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus to improve cellular use in places with weak reception. The strength of the cellular phone signal is usually affected by diverse obstructions, like trees, construction materials in buildings and hills as well as distance. This is where the Cel-Fi signal booster system is designed to operate.

Firstly, the cellular network signal is captured by the outside antenna. It is then amplified by the Cel-Fi signal booster and then rebroadcast across the building or car through the inside antenna. The result is boosted cellular phone reception that culminates in more bars on your phone even in remote locations. You can then enjoy clearer calls that will not drop out, faster internet browsing, and rapid data downloads and uploads. This is how the Cel-Fi signal booster works in your car or house.

This is how all signal boosters work on every technology platform including GSM, CDMA, TDMA, EVDO, UMTS, HSPA+, and the latest LTE. A cellular booster will not work if there is no signal to start with. Cel-Fi signal boosters require at least some signal to amplify.

Key takeways for 4G/3G  Signal Booster:

• Can boost a 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G voice/data signal in a building, vehicle, or remote location.

• Can improve the internet speed, text, and talk quality.

• Can maintain a reliable connection with fewer calls dropped.

• Can extend the reception area.

• Cannot boost satellite and cable provider’s internet or Wi-Fi.

• Cannot create a working cellular system where there is no cellular coverage. There must be at least one bar of coverage for a signal booster to work.

Top 3 applications for a Cellular Signal Booster 

The Factory Floor: 

Many industrial environments, from high-tech manufacturing to product distribution or small-scale cottage industries can face the same production issues. One issue is being unable to contact your staff reliably and efficiently on the factory floor or retrieve data from your production or logistics devices. Often connecting all your devices via Cat-5 cabling is not cost-effective and it is difficult to cable your staff, as they move around the floor. Further complicating the situation is the industrial infrastructure, like large steel vats or gantries and piping, which often block or interfere with cellular or Wi-Fi signals from penetrating throughout your facilities.

The simple and cost-effective solution is to install a Cel-Fi Cellular Booster with directional antennae to ensure a reliable and strong signal permeates the entire facility to support both staff and device communications. If you have a reasonable cellular signal outside of your facilities, the Cel-Fi Cellular Booster, when correctly dimensioned and installed, can blanket an area with high-reliability voice and data services, and often faster installation and a lower cost than installing Cat-5 cables and distribution equipment.

In the Field: 

If your work environment takes you to the great outdoors, you will still expect to have the communications options found in the office building. Whether it is a mine-site, agricultural facility, or a national park, the Cel-Fi Cellular Booster can deliver the voice and data options you expect to have available everywhere. With a Cel-Fi Cellular Booster mounted in your vehicle, the faint or unreliable outside signal can be boosted and retransmitted to service your devices in and around your vehicle ensuring you can work from your mobile office efficiently and effectively.

The benefits continue to operate even when your office is mobile. As you drive through dirt tracks or around spoil piles, the Cel-Fi Cellular Booster will do its best to ensure you have a robust and reliable voice and data service. If the Cel-Fi Cellular Booster is temporarily blocked from the donor tower, your services will drop, until another tower is visible, and your Cel-Fi Cellular Booster services are restored.

The Home Office or Small Business Operator:

You may think these situations do not apply to me, I work from home or in a small office space. Mobile communications networks are not perfect, and 2 side-by-side home offices may have a significant variation in the reliability of cellular services. You may have to walk into your kitchen to take that important call. Cel-Fi Cellular Boosters are very cost-effective, such that a small office or business can install a Cel-Fi Cellular Booster to ensure that important calls that impact your cash flow or sales targets are not missed.

Small, cost-effective, and simple-to-install solutions like a Cel-Fi Cellular Booster will generally cover your entire house and yard, so it is a small cost to dramatically increase your productivity and give you peace of mind that you can always use voice and data services.

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