Remote rainfall monitoring Solution


Reliable remote rainfall monitoring is key for many businesses involved in environmental or groundwater movement and control measurements. By knowing where the rain rate is highest, resources can be deployed to minimise travel expenses to understand the rain impact. Flood warnings for livestock relocation, sand-bagging, and improving environmental outcomes can be automatically be sent to management and staff.

ETM Pacific provides simple remote rainfall monitoring systems, which are used to supply information for water resource monitoring, flood management, and climate studies.


  • Measure rain rate in remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Capture reliable and time-sensitive rainfall data to coordinate field engineers.
  • Understand increasingly severe weather events and flooding.
  • Management visibility of field engineers time and cost expenses

remote rainfall monitoring


ETM Pacific’s Remote Rainfall Monitoring Solution is a combination of our Delta Blue Pro, cellular Logger, and SMS Alarm Platform, and our stainless steel, tipping bucket rain gauge. The industrially enclosed Delta Blue Pro offers multiple inputs, (including pulse counting and 4-20mA) and a 30AHr battery providing up to 3 years of operation.

The Delta Blue Pro will sleep until the rain starts to fall and then start transmitting the pulse counts and increase the transmissions as the rain rate increases. The outcomes from the data are actionable and traceable SMS alarm logs and rainfall “trend” charts. The raw data can be downloaded and manipulated in Excel or CSV format via IoTConx.

ETM’s cellular Rainfall Solution delivers robust and reliable rainfall data from harsh, unpowered sites, with rain-rate sensitive adjustments to maximise the data and minimise battery use.

Benefits of Remote Rainfall Monitoring 

  • Increase the public safety and prevent road damage/slippage.
  • Improve warning time for land slippage and flooding around public roads.
  • Improve warning time for asset preparation and reduced “truck-rolls”.
  • Real-time situational awareness and improved field activity.

Components of Remote Rainfall Monitoring Solution

ETM Pacific offers a range of services, complementary to its hardware providing users the options of a ‘sensor to cloud’ vertically integrated industrial IoT solution. Contact us to start the conversation.

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