ETM Pacific Pty Ltd

Data aquisition, storage, communication and analysis equipment

ETM Pacific is a supplier of 3G & 4G/LTE wireless modules, terminals and routers, plus CO2 sensors and controllers and data logging products and services including;

  • ETM 3G Terminals (NextG modems), SMS ...more


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Cinterion 3G and 4G Wireless Modules & Terminals

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Data Loggers

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Digi 3G & 4G Cellular Routers


About Us

ETM Pacific Pty Ltd: Data Loggers, NextG and 3G Modems, SMS Alarms and CO2 Sensors

ETM Pacific Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ETM Matteknik AB of Sweden, was founded in 1995 with a commitment to improvement of quality, cost and environmental outcomes associated with a process, or the operation of plant and machinery, through the efficient and accurate acquisition, storage, communication and analysis of data.

This focus has led to ETM Pacific Pty Ltd developing a product portfolio that includes data loggers, wireless modules and modems, SMS alarm senders, and CO2 sensors and controllers, including;

 - ETM 3G/NextG modems

 - ETM SMS alarm and Control Terminals

 - Cinterion 3G & 4G Wireless Modules and Terminals

 - Digi 3G & 4G/LTE Cellular Routers and RF Modems

 - Eltek Data Loggers

 - Elpro Data Loggers

 - Solve Vibration Data Loggers

 - Abelko Webmaster Controllers

 - SenseAir CO2 Sensors and Controllers



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Cold Chain Monitoring

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